Removal of Birthmarks

Birthmark Removal offers a solution for anyone looking to smooth out birthmarks from their body , whether developed at birth or shortly thereafter. Birthmarks can be removed for cosmetic reasons. (Most birthmarks fall into 2 categories: “port-wine” or “café-au-lait”-type marks.)


From 15 minutes to a few hours, depending on the size and extent of the particular birthmark.

Side effects:

Possibility of small hematoma, bleeding, infection, scarring and scab.


Little to no resting time, depending on birthmark type and treatment.


Unexpected darkening or lightening of skin color. The skin can also become uneven, with darker areas surrounded by spots of lighter pigmentation.


Long term; the number of treatments depends on the darkening tone of the birthmark; Darker lesions typically require more than one treatment for best results.

Technique Used:

The method used for removal, including laser surgery or surgical incision, depends on the type of birthmark, the severity of its condition, location, and the causes of the symptom, such as pain or disfigurement. Still, laser is a common treatment for this procedure. It can lighten specific areas of the skin until it matches the patient’s skin tone, making the birthmark almost imperceptible. As the laser penetrates the surface of the skin, it lightens the darkest areas. In many cases of “café au lait” birthmarks, laser treatment can help eliminate the mark entirely.

Several treatments are usually required to remove port-wine birthmarks and hemangiomas (strawberry-type marks) because the laser only penetrates a short distance into the skin.


No hospitalization.


General anesthesia is used to remove birthmarks.