liposuction in NagpurLiposuction in Nagpur allow to remove fat and increase skin firmness and help define the waist and improve the proportion between waist and hip.


Liposuction/lipomodelation is a surgical procedure used to model and modify the body contour.


All women or men who wish to improve the overall contour of the body or some particular area. We will then remove unwanted accumulations of fat or accentuate the contour of a certain area (breast/pectorals, buttocks).

Indeed, some areas of the body accumulate unwanted fat and that is difficult to lose, even with a healthy diet and exercise.

All body areas can be treated with liposuction, for example: submentonian region (“papacy” of the neck), trunk (breast), abdomen, flanks/waist, buttocks, arms, legs, and ankles.

However, liposuction/lipomodelation does not serve as a treatment for losing weight. Someone overweight should be referred for a Nutrition consultation and eventually to a bariatric surgeon.

Thus, the ideal candidate is the one who has had weight stability (stable body weight) for at least 6 months. It is also important that you have good quality skin (elastic and without stretch marks), that you are motivated for surgery and willing to comply with postoperative care (compressive clothing, lymphatic drainage massage, LPG).


Liposuction that is performed under general anesthesia (when treating large areas, such as abdomen or limbs), consists of the removal by aspiration of localized and unwanted fats (liposuction) and their transfer to other regions, in order to improve or accentuate the contour of the body (lipomodelling).

When treating small areas such as the sub-mentonian region (“chin”) liposuction can be performed under sedation. In this way, the patient may be discharged on the very day of the intervention, provided that accompanied by someone who supports him or her.

Liposuction in Nagpur can be performed using several techniques, one of which is associated with vibration (VibroLipo) that allows a better separation of adipose cells (fat) and a faster and more homogeneous aspiration.


Like any surgery, liposuction/lipomodelling cannot be performed without scarring.

Therefore, the surgery is carried out with very thin cannulas (2 to 5 mm), inserted through holes in the skin also very small (less than 1 cm) and in places that can be hidden by clothing.

Your Plastic Surgeon in Nagpur will be able to advise you on how best to treat your scars.


The most frequent adverse effects are transient (transient) and disappear spontaneously. The most frequent are ecchymosis (bruising) and edema (“swelling”).

Usually, bruises disappear between 2 to 3 weeks and edema between 8 and 10 weeks.

Another unwanted effect is small irregularities in the skin, which are associated with poor skin quality (e.g. low elastic skin), tobacco consumption, exaggerated sun exposure or exaggerated fat removal.

Indeed, it is customary to feel dizzy the first time you get out of bed after liposuction and therefore should do so gradually and with help.

In the first few weeks, it is also customary to feel heavier and swollen than before liposuction in Nagpur, but this sensation is transient.

Therefore, scars are inevitable (as in any surgery), but in addition to being small and staying in places that are easy to hide with clothing, the scars become less evident over time.

Your Plastic Surgeon will be able to advise you on how best to treat your scars.

WHAT IS THE EXPECTED RESULT?best liposuction in Nagpur

Liposuction /lipomodelling is not a procedure for losing weight.

In fact, the expected result of lipomodelling is the modification of the contour or volume of a given body area, after transferring the previously aspirated fat. For example: the increase of the volume of the breast or buttocks, after transferring fat that had been previously aspirated from the abdomen.

The end result is not immediate. It is to be expected that the result will emerge progressively.

After liposuction, the skin will have to adapt to the new shape of your body. For this reason, the higher the amount of fat that is aspirated, the longer it will take until the desired end result is obtained.


Usually, the patient is discharged one day after surgery and can recover in the comfort of his home. Only in cases where very large areas are treated, may more than one day of hospitalization be required.

We recommend the use of compressive clothing for a period of 1 to 2 months to prevent edema (“swelling”) and bruises (“bruising”).

We also advise manual lymphatic drainage to speed up recovery. This will improve comfort and decrease edema and fibrosis associated with liposuction. Lymphatic drainage should begin 3 to 4 days after liposuction.

All patients are prevented for the risk of thrombosis with perioperative measures and medication after discharge from the clinic.

It is also recommended that patients move early instead of lying down and gradually resume their activities of daily living, so that they can start exercising after 4 weeks.


The return to daily routine depends on the characteristics of the patient, the type of activity and the extent of liposuction.

All are advised to walk early, no later than the day after liposuction.

Therefore, most patients return to work within 5 to 7 days of intervention. However, a period of 4 to 6 weeks is recommended until you resume more intense physical exercise.

Thus, it is important that you get up early and move to help reduce edema and to reduce the risk of thrombosis.


Liposuction in Nagpur is a surgical intervention that aims to provide an improvement in your physical appearance and also a strengthening of your self-esteem.

However, the new image you will acquire will not change, by itself, all other areas of your life (professional, family, social), so it is essential to have this awareness.

Thus, emotional balance is indispensable to undergo surgical intervention, especially if it is aesthetic in nature.


Like any surgery, liposuction is not without risks.

The first step is to consult a Plastic Surgeon, who is well experienced.

In addition, you should choose a clinic with an appropriate environment for consultation and surgery.

It is also important to choose the appropriate time to perform the surgery, whether socially, personally, or professionally.

Thus, you should talk openly with your doctor, ask all questions, clarify your goals and expectations. You should also hear the possible results, the necessary postoperative care, and possible complications.


With regard to a Liposuction, it depends on each case. Thus, to give you a reference price that is as close to your case as possible, report your problem to Dr. Bhupendra Gaidhane through our Contact Form.