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With Advance Gynecomastia Surgery

  • 10+ Years of Experience
  • Excellent Success Rate
  • Modern Painless Technology
  • Barely Visible Scar

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For Gynecomastia Surgery

    Excellent Success Rate

    Modern Painless Technology

    Barely Visible Scar

    10+ Years of Experience

    About Gynecomastia Surgery Center

    Meet Dr. Bhupendra Gaidhane

    Welcome to the Gynecomastia Surgery Center, where Dr. Bhupendra Gaidhane, a renowned plastic surgeon in Nagpur, specializes in transforming lives through advanced gynecomastia surgery techniques. If you're tired of living with the discomfort and insecurity caused by gynecomastia, you've come to the right place. Dr. Gaidhane and his team are here to guide you through every step of your journey to a more confident and fulfilling life.

    About Dr. Gaidhane

    Dr. Bhupendra Gaidhane is a board-certified plastic surgeon with more than 10 years of experience specializing in gynecomastia surgery. His commitment to excellence and patient satisfaction has earned him recognition as one of Nagpur's leading plastic surgeons. With Dr. Gaidhane, you can trust that you're in skilled and caring hands.

    Embrace a New You

    Gynecomastia Surgery by Nagpur's Leading Plastic Surgeon

    Struggling with Gynecomastia?

    Are you tired of feeling self-conscious about your chest? Gynecomastia, commonly known as "man boobs," can be a source of immense discomfort and insecurity for many men. Whether it's avoiding certain clothing styles or feeling anxious in social situations, living with gynecomastia can take a toll on your confidence and overall well-being.

    Ready to Take the First Step?

    Don't let gynecomastia hold you back any longer. Take the first step towards transformation by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Bhupendra Gaidhane today. Together, we'll create a customized treatment plan tailored to your unique needs and goals. Say hello to a future filled with confidence, freedom, and self-assurance. Your journey to a sculpted chest starts here.

    Our Clients Reviews


    Yuvraj Darekar

    Dr. Bhupendra Gaidhane is a great suregeon. He performed my Gynecomastia surgery in Nagpur. My surgery and recovery went really well. Sir charges reasonably for his expertise. He is one of the best plastic surgeon in nagpur. Highly recommend.

    Badal Mehndole

    Best plastic and liposuction surgen in nagpur city. At the same time, their behavior and style of talking is very good, due to this the patient understands everything properly and there is no misunderstanding.

    Krunal Shiwankar

    Firstly Thanks A lot Dr. Gaidhane Sir..🙏 I loved Your treatment And Your Friendly Approach. You performed really Well Liposuction Surgery With Your Extraordinary Skills. You are Superb Surgeon with Great Human Values..❤️🫂

    Zaki Hasan

    Dr. Bhupendra Gaidhane's remarkable skills as a plastic surgeon in Nagpur are matched only by his kind and compassionate nature. His warmth and consideration made me feel at ease throughout the entire liposuction process, adding a comforting touch to his exceptional expertise.

    Jitesh Meshram

    This is a good and trusted Geyncomestia surgeon doctor in nagpur district Maharashtra. I really thankful for that tretment.He did my surgery and I’m very happy with it. He explained everything properly before surgery which makes one very confident and fearless about surgery. Even after surgery he guided very nicely.

    Seema Kaushik

    My son got his gyno cured by dr. Bhupendra gaidhane. He was really kind, friendly and supportive throughout the journey. Our overall experience was excellent.

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      FAQs About Gynecomastia Surgery

      Is gynecomastia surgery painful?

      Gynecomastia surgery is performed under anesthesia, so you won't feel any pain during the procedure. You may experience some discomfort during the recovery period, but medications can help manage it effectively.

      How long do the results of gynecomastia surgery last?

      The results of gynecomastia surgery are typically long-lasting, provided you maintain a stable weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. However, aging and other factors may affect the appearance of your chest over time.

      Will gynecomastia surgery leave visible scars?

      Dr. Bhupendra Gaidhane employs advanced surgical techniques to minimize scarring. Incisions are strategically placed to ensure they are discreet and easily concealed, allowing you to feel confident in your appearance.

      Can gynecomastia come back after surgery?

      While gynecomastia recurrence is rare, it's essential to address any underlying hormonal imbalances or lifestyle factors that may contribute to its development. Following post-operative care instructions and attending follow-up appointments can help prevent recurrence.

      How soon can I return to work after gynecomastia surgery?

      Most patients can resume light activities and return to work within a few days to a week after surgery, depending on the nature of their job. However, it's crucial to avoid strenuous exercise and heavy lifting for several weeks to facilitate proper healing.

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